Rainy wedding dreams in St Gallen

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When Bettina contacted me for the first time, she had 5 wedding dates to choose from as I was already well booked. The date was set to be end of September, in the hope to get a nice fall weather for their wedding. But sometimes the wish of a bride for sunshine does not beeing answered and it brought us heavy rain the whole day long. You just simply can’t influence the weather and so the wedding was fully inside. I like rainy weddings also very much. They add a nice atmosphere to it, a special light, more darker photos then on a bright, sunny day. All a bit more mystery and cozy.

Bettina & Christian met together at their new built house, where they prepared together with their maid of honor and best man. A special image for me, when I took the shot of their last preparation in seperate rooms, but side by side, shortly before they had the first glance at each other. Bettina had a stunning dress by Aire, Barcelona. The wedding took place in the local church in Buchs, St. Gallen. I normally never talk about priests, which I should do more often, as they play a very important role in many weddings. Mr. Guntli who held the ceremony was the best priest I have ever seen in a church! He brought the story of the couple, and also the time before the wedding in such a nice way close to the audience, that you heard many laughs but also some tears beeing wiped away. It was a ceremony, that you hoped it wouldnt end and I am certain, our churches would be full of people, if we had more Mr. Guntlis in Switzerland.

As Buchs lies close to the borders of Austria, the couple celebrated in the nice surrounding of the Vinomnasaal in Ranweil. The decoration was stunning and with all the candles on the tables and the low lights, the dinner area looked like a fairy tale. Even rainy, I am positive that they enjoyed a wonderful day among their friends and family. And to be honest – after all, weather doens’t matter that much if you are having a great time! A very special wedding to me. I wish this wonderful newlywed couple all the happiness in the world!

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