High up the Sky – Verlobungsshooting am Zürcher Flughafen

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Some love it – some stay as far away from it as possible – the airport. Rush, hurry, many people from all over the world. Nowhere else you notice so many different languages in such little square feet. While some enjoying a quiet shopping tour, others run with their suitcases through the crowds. I always liked the airport. For me it is the feeling of far away places, freedom, travel, holiday. Jump in and step out into something completely different. The huge planes who brings you to the other side of the world in a matter of hours. A technical wonder, but almost normal for some others.

And when we talk about travel – it is the motto for our wedding couple. Isn’t there a better place for an engagement photo shooting than the Airport? I feel like a small kid in a toy store – motives and photos everywhere. As longer I am there, as more I see I want to shoot. Interesting to say, that our couple did not get a lot of attention from the people around. Maybe with all the many people rushing past us, we were simply not recognized. I could have go on forever – a great place and for me, defenetly not the last time!

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