Love and Trust

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During the past weeks I had the pleasure, to photograph beautiful couples in love. These shootings are very special to me. In most cases it’s the first time we meet in front of the camera. New to both of us. Sometimes strange to them, when I asked to be natural and show their feelings for each other. Show feelings in front of somebody you just met? A big thing to ask. But that it is all about. Trust. If you trust your photographer, you are sure, that (s)he’ll guide you to places who will develop the best pictures. (S)he’ll see, what you might not see. A special light, a unique tree, or a great background. Most of the times, I am very close to them with my camera, and even, they mostely don’t see my face, only a lense pointing at them. These shootings are a fun way to bond together. I treasure those bondings and the trust, they give me.

A moment together, a session that last only a couple of hours  – but captures a moment of their live forever.

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