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Wedding Workshop in Lugano and Morcote, Switzerland

As a photographer a good equipment is very important. But also, to master your creative site and your eye for the perfect photograph. Having a professional and award winning photographer in Switzerland makes it not only comfortable as of distance, it’s a one time experience and chance to learn from the best in their businesses. Wedding photography maybe does not have the same importance as in fellow countrys as the USA yet, but with time it will start to change and I think, we – as photographers – have the chance to add a big part to that and of peoples awareness when they are choosing their photographer. Maybe you cannot learn creativity. It’s a gift somebody has. Like a author to write a novel, or a painter, who creates a masterpiece of art. But you can train your eye, and your awareness of good and bad elements. And with that, you can grow.

Meeting Roberto made we aware, that this guy was not only a very fun person to be with – he’s an excellent teacher who made sure, that everybody got home with their own part of learned lession. To watch him, how he turns an ordinary, messy place into a great location of shooting; how he discoveres in seconds the perfect picture was stunning. It was so fascinated, that many times I forgot to shoot at all and just listened and watched him in his element, with many „aaahhs“ and „ooohhs“ 🙂

Two days are way to short, and I could have listend more and more. But in the evening of that second day, many of us went home inspired, with lots of new ideas and the motivation to go on. Thank you Roberto for your time and share of your knowledge!

Thank you to my sweet Marian Bader who organised everything to made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Also special the Couture Hayez Atelier Sposa Team in Milano, whos dresses made our models so stunning and beautiful. If I would get married again – thats the place to get the dress! Thanks to all!

beeing an assistant for Roberto I belive is hard work – but also has a lot of enjoying momentsagainst the „ordinary rule“ photograph in harsh noon sunlightA man and his passion: Roberto and his Hasselbad

Dresses: Couture Hayez Atelier Sposa
Teacher: Roberto Valenzuela
Model: Sira Topic
Locations: Lugano & Morcote, Switzerland
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